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Blush & Bloom Flowers has been servicing the Floral & Horticultural industry in Dubai for over 12 years now providing customized services to all its clients. We specialize in establishing green retreats in corporate, commercial and residential workplace and environments.
Blush & Bloom Flowers provides and installs high quality fresh Plants of different varieties including soil and planters made of ceramic, earth, fiber glass and other materials in shapes that best suit the client needs at very competitive prices.
Blush & Bloom Flowers specializes in providing high level of Plant Maintenance services to Corporate, commercial, residential and Hotels based on the client’s requirements.

Glass vase

Peach Roses

Bunch of Flowers

Red Roses

Rose & Gypsophila

Pink Roses


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Wedding & Events

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True – Marriages are made in Heaven.

Equally true, that Flowers set the tone for everlasting memories, to be cherished

till you part…….

Beauty, Color & Fragrance of Flowers can define your engagement & wedding theme and
can completely transform the surroundings into blissful paradise.

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