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Fittonia, often called the “nerve plant” or “mosaic plant” due to its appearance as bright, & contrasting veins that run through the leaves. One of the most popular vein colors is silvery White, but Fittonia with veins of several other colors could also be found, like in pink, white and green. They are available as low-growing creepers or trailing houseplants that could be perfectly fit for bottle gardens or terrariums. Fittonia (nerve plant) has the tendency to spread as an evergreen perennial that grows 10 – 15 cm tall. And they bloom with small flowers and are of white to off-white color. These plants are supposed to be kept in a moist area with mild sunlight and temperature of above 15 degree Celsius, making it relevant to be grown as houseplants. These plants may faint if kept without water for a few days, but could be easily revived by quick watering, making them ideal as ground cover plants.


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