Blossom Bouquets


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Product Description

  • 3 white hydrangea
  • 2 pink lily
  • 5 red roses
  • 3 purple chrysanthemum seasonal filler
  • Seasonal filler wrapped in Brown paper
  • The message from the sender will be printed on a greeting card

Care Instructions:
1. After receiving the flowers, place them in a cool location away from direct sunlight and heat.
2. Put fresh tap water in the floral foam every 24 hours to keep it hydrated. If youโ€™re creating an arrangement, you donโ€™t need to cut the stems.
3. Every flower benefits from a mist of water daily.
4. When necessary, remove drooping flowers, leaves, and foliage to maintain the look of your arrangement.
5. Donโ€™t place your flowers in direct sunlight or near sources of excessive heat like televisions or refrigerators!

Delivery informationย :

1. One of our promised to you is that your flower will be guaranteed Fresh.
2. We make every effort to ensure that the bouquet you receive resembles the bouquet ordered as closely as possible.


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