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Blush & Bloom Flowers would be privileged to provide services for Plants Maintenance and cater to any other requirements for events management, supply of additional plants and fresh floral arrangements.
As mentioned earlier, we offer a wide range of services, catering to the needs of the hospitality Industry,

  • Floral Arrangements for Corporate Events
  • Floral arrangements for Private Parties
  • Engagement & Wedding arrangements
  • Events Stage Decoration
  • Supply of Fresh Plants & Planters
  • Plants Maintenance

Blush and Bloom


Blush & Bloom Flowers has been servicing the Floral & Horticultural industry in Dubai for over 12 years now providing customized services to all its clients. We specialize in establishing green retreats in corporate, commercial and residential workplace and environments. Blush & Bloom Flowers provides and installs high quality fresh Plants of different varieties including soil and planters made of ceramic, earth, fiber glass and other materials in shapes that best suit the client needs at very competitive prices. Blush & Bloom Flowers specializes in providing high level of Plant Maintenance services to Corporate, commercial, residential and Hotels based on the client’s requirements. Blush & Bloom Flowers occasionally are supporting the clients even on capital investments by providing a special leasing cum maintenance service to international standards.

Blush & Bloom Flowers specialty is providing competitive and complete floral solutions to hotels, corporates, restaurants, engagements, weddings and individuals covering all ethnic groups and celebrations. From a simple bouquet to large corporate arrangements, we are always ready to help with any enquiries
Our service combines the love of classic design with creative seasonal use of all nature’s bounty.

In our mission to exceed expectation, we spare no resources with respect to workforce, flowers quality, freshness, creative designing and accessories used in creating the arrangement. Our teams of dedicated designers hold several years of experience in the flower business and hold expertise in arrangements for individuals, parties, weddings, offices and hotels.


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